3-in-1 Food Tongs
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3-in-1 Food Tongs

【Product size】 28*5.6cm
【Product color】 Green+Gray
【Product Weight】85g
【Package】 Bubble bag packaging
【Packing Quantity】60pcs
【Carton size】34.5*31*25cm
【Carton weight】5.3/6kg

【Item no】KH20005

【Material】New high temperature resistant nylon material, environmentally friendly silicone


1. With 5 different sizes of vanilla leaf peeling holes;

2. When separated, it can be used as a salad stirrer, or as a sauce spoon, spatula and other kitchen tools; the arc surface design of the shovel, and the silicone is covered at the same time, it fits the bowl wall and can perfectly scrape off the residual salad dressing, etc.;

3. Assemble together, it can be turned into food tongs, which can be used for frying steak, fishing for pasta, or as ordinary tongs when grilling;

4. Food grade material can withstand high temperature up to 428°F (220°C), BPA-free, non-toxic and tasteless, and can be used safely in a dishwasher.

5. Assembly design to minimize storage space, very suitable for kitchen and outdoor use.


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