9-Pieces Measuring Cup Set
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9-Pieces Measuring Cup Set

【Product size】20.2*11*13.6cm
【Product color】Color
【Product Weight】425g
【Packing Quantity】Color Box
【Packing Quantity】27pcs
【Outer box size】64*37.5*49cm
【Packing weight】15./16kg

【Item No】KH190002

【Material 】AS+ABS+TPR

9-Pieces Measuring Cup Set Includes : 1L measuring cup,1Scraper,1funnel and 6 spoons (7.5ml, 15ml, 60ml, 85ml, 125ml, 250ml

Nested design to minimize storage space.

Easily combine and measure multiple components

Angled surface lets you read measurements from above

8-Pieces Measuring Pot Set Includes :1 funnel,1 hook and 6 spoons (7.5ml, 15ml, 60ml, 85ml, 125ml, 250ml )


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